The Ohio Renaissance Festival Washer Wenches!!!!

Hail & well met! Welcome! The 2000 season will be the 9th season the Washer Wenches have existed at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Every year is just as fabulous as the others.

Being a Washer Wench is no easy task!


- know how to fight using anything she (or he) gets her (or his) hands on ..... laundry, mud, laundry, mud, laundry, mud......& other people!

- have a quick tongue ready to gossip about anything at any time; the well is the birthplace of gossip!

- be ready to jingle bang at the drop of a hat (or gang bang, whichever might arise).

- be ready with a song or ditty ..... who cares if it's in the right key or if it changes keys during the song!

- be an expert at 'Colors' & know how to cheat to win!

To put it simply ... a Washer Wench must be 1 AWESOME CHICK (or guy!)!!!

We have had 2 male Washer Wenches! Phil Caviness & David Schiller .. Phil was the first to be used & abused. He put up with it for 2 years! Phil won Wench of the year in 1996! David became our 'pool boy' in '98 when he also played the role of Robin Hood during the Robin Hood / Lil John show, poor guy he never got away from the well!


Ivana HugNkiss AKA Bethany Young

International Wench #1006

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This year is going really well! There are only 6 of us but I'm positive we can handle everything with this years crew of wenches. We have Ophelia Bawdy AKA Sara Muench (who came to the well after her parents were killed in the great snail mascre), Mona Lot AKA Anne Hoskins, Bartholomew J. Tub know to wenches as Barth Tub AKA Tim Shafer (who was caught stealing clothes from the well after his clothes were stolen while he was passed out drunk [that's why he's wearing bloomers]), Lizzie Anon AKA Lisa Butts (head washer wench), Ivana Hugnkiss AKA Bethany Young, & Lucy Bottoms / Prissy Butt (depending on which personality is 'out' at the moment) AKA Beth Johns.

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