Kelly Long was my Asst. guild leader & ran a very smooth well. 1997 was the year for casualties! We kept the first aide busy with sprained hands, dislocated toes, concusions, cuts, bumps & bruises! YES we play hard! I don't think a lot of wash was accomplished but the improv was excellent.



 Kathy Seymour / 1997 Wench  Lisa Butts / Guild Leader
 Kelly Long / Asst. Guild Leader  Gretchen Busl
 Phil Caviness / 1996 Wench  Jennifer King
 Nina Norrad Lara Huddleston
 Kathleen Murphy  Sara Vaught

 Sara Lane-Dorrance  Jennifer Butts
 Fun At The Well  Wanna Play???
 playing  more playing
 more playing  yet again!