This years pageant was hosted by Mr. Bob Barter & co-hosted by the reigning Miss Willy Nilly, Miss Hannah White. It was a close competition! Miss Wanderers Way (who kept wandering away!), Miss Aleing Knight (who was drunk out of her mind!), & Miss Ups & Down's ('nuff said!). There were 3 catagories. The evening gown competition showed the art of how to wear dirty laundry but had to be combined with the bloomer competition this year for time was running short! Next came the talent competition ... competition in this catagory was close to none. Last was the question & answer competition .... the contestants had some very interesting answers! After the audience had voted by their applause Miss Willy Nilly 1574 is .... well .... Miss Hannah White ... again ..... well she is the one who walked off with the crown after pushing all the other contestants into the well!!!

Miss Willy Nilly 1563 - 1573
Well she took the crown for 1574 also!
Bob Barter & Hannah White
Evening gown competition
Evening gown competition
Evening gown competition
Bloomer competition
included in the Evening gown competition
Comercial Break
Elizabeth Secret .. bum roll & ..............
Comercial Break
.... bloomers
Miss Aleing Knight
ooooo that water is cold!!!!!!
Miss Wanderers Way
showing her talent?
another one in the well!!!
and another
Hannah White reclaiming her crown